About Us

All of our rooms at Anderson Mill are private rooms, with some having adjoining bathrooms. Because of our small size, the attendants can truly ‘attend’ to the resident’s special needs. Daily blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugars help us track the current physical status of our residents.

Staff meetings are held monthly at the facility; the meetings are actually in-services, designed to acquaint the staff with issues that affect our residents, such as signs of Alzheimer’s, Hospice care, and general safety issues that need constant review. Happy Woman

Besides monthly meetings, caregivers are encouraged to ‘weigh in’ on any any issues of care that they may have. This open forum allows the caregivers to participate in discussing changes in our residents’ health status, the reason for changes in medication orders, including possible side effects. Not only does this assure that the actual caregiver is current with new doctor’s orders, it allows a sharing of information among the attendants, thus allowing the high quality of care to continue.

Anderson Mill has an ‘open door’ policy to all visitors and guests. There is no lock down time or appointment necessary, as visiting is allowed at any time. We also invite all doctor appointed home health care personnel, including nurses, physical therapists, and hospice employees to use the facility as this benefits our residents.